‘The Author’s Emotions’ Collection

First, Second & Third Series

Acrylic On Cotton Canvas

Year 2006-2015

A collection of charming paintings…

Intriguing settings, vibrant colours and bold brush strokes!

It seems magical to me… An image allows sharing a smell, a flavour, a shadow, a light, a look,

a landscape, a city, a street, a walk, a coffee, a magic instant! 

A beautiful collection of artworks which celebrates life’s little but precious moments such as reading poems, sipping a coffee or riding on a Vespa to the local gelato shop on a hot summer day. Joyful, delicate and pleasant memories, which have sparked the artist to produce a body of works to celebrate the essence of life… Happiness!

The mix of Mediterranean and Australian landscapes and architecture combined with Asian looking figures, is a reflection of the artist’s life, living across Europe & Australia via Singapore.

The latest paintings created between 2014 & 2015 have been exhibited at ART SPECTRUM MIAMI last December 2015 in conjunction with Miami Art Week receiving great interest among new and established art buyers.

The First Series

Year 2006-2007

The Second Series

Year 2008-2013

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